Sunday, August 25, 2013

Life’s a roller coaster.

hi world, finally squeezing in some time for this space. oh boy, how i miss the internet. so as most of you would have already known, i’ve started working. sigh pie, boring story of my life. but it’s goos that i can apply what i’ve learnt. the sad part is that i’m really not a morning person so waking up and staying conscious is really a HUGEEEE barrier for me. one week into working i still feel like shit every morning ;( ohwell, i really gotta get used to this.
and here’s a photo of me (and my new bangs) with huishi and lester at their wedding luncheon. my first friend getting married!!!! really happy for them now that their days of skype and whatsapp are finally over! their long-distance relation that actually ends in such a blissful matrimony is just so… overwheminggggg :’) gonna miss her when she leaves for Oz but hey, change is always good xx.
here are some #ootd of my work wear. and yes, i brazenly wore shorts to work hahaha. but it’s casual friday!
N/B: wearing heels every every every day is making my feet really sore at the end of everyday. this is such a true depiction of WANT PRETTY DON’T WANT LIFE as jie always says of me hahaha.
and here’s ending a photo of me and mom waiting for a train. yes mom’s taking a train after god-knows-how-many-years. and yes that’s how i look after one week of work – SHAG.
alrighty gotta spend the rest of my sunday doing work before i get grilled like a BBQ pork on monday’s meeting.

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