Sunday, September 1, 2013

One step at a time.

survived another week at work, some days it gets really crazy but i guess that’s the problem with the legal industry, so i guess i just have to resign to fate. which makes me wonder how long do people remain in this industry until they decide to call it quits. that they decide staying in the office for 15hours per day is too much to bear, that doing legal research for days only to realise that they need to abandon it in the end… really hats off to those who survived and are still surviving! this is really the survival of the fittest hmmm… ohwell, it’s only the beginning for me and there’s still a longggg way to go. just that i really miss going out with friends and meeting them as and when we wanted, and spending time with my family, and sleeping in (THIS IS THE WORST).
so here’re some #ootd to share. every night i’ll face the same dilemma of what to wear… i mean it’s already depressing enough that i cannot sleep in and cannot meet my friends right, so must dress up to make myself feel better! and i always have a blazer with me (not featured haha), but it’s usually too warm in the morning so i only put it on when i get to the office. and sometimes it gets a little difficult to find work-appropriate clothes cause some of my dresses are too short for work. or they become too short when i’m on heels… sigh pie what a headache.
my face for work which is exactly the same everyday haha. and i’m starting to like those bangs ^^
one day after work and managed to catch jasper still awake!
and here’s me before Zumba lesson. yes i’m taking Zumba lessons now so I workout and dance at the same time haha. to counter all that sitting and eating and not moving around at work!
and ending this post with a photo with two of the best people in my world.

01:19hr now i feel like it’s 4am already oh boy i’m really getting old.
so goodnight for now!

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