Friday, November 1, 2013

A little more personal.

instead of writing about what I've been doing and where I've gone to (which can easily be inferred from Facebook), I guess it's time to write something more substantial and personal on this personal page. hopefully my grasp on writing (on a personal level)hasn't disintegrated over the years of disuse...

as most of you would have already known, I've started working and it's been two months going 3 and although I can't exactly say I'm enjoying working life, I'm slowly learning to adapt to it. afterall it's a "Sink or Swim" world and I'm definitely not gonna let myself sink. so yeah, here I am shaping my life into what I envision it to be. it's harder than I thought; slowly but surely, I'll get there. the only saving grace at this point would be that I'm doing what I like.

save that I can't skip work when I'm having a "low day" (unlike schooling where I can choose not to attend classes without much repercussions), I think working is better than schooling. I'm sure many of my working friends will disagree, but as of now, this is what I genuinely feel and here are the reasons why:-

I. I get to feel how weekends feel like, instead of stressing myself out and mugging endlessly. 
II. I get to sleep in during the weekends without feeling guilty. 
III. I get to sleep at the end of the day without nightmares about exams (well, sometimes I get dreams about work but definitely much more manageable that that of exams)
IV. I get so sleepy at the end of the day I sleep at normal human sleeping timings. 

these may sound superficial but I think it improves my overall well-being. on top of those, I'm also exposed to the many good and ugly sides of people, and the various people who have achieved so much which really inspire me to be better than I can be. I've learnt how to deal with difficult people in a professional way, and stand firm on my grounds. most importantly, my law has improved evidently. 

however, life is not always a bed of roses and here I am at another crossroad. as much as I know any decision I make now will result in consequences upon my future, I need to take that giant leap of faith. i just need to convince myself everything's going to be worth it at the end of the day. or so, I hope. 

for all the bigger plans, I keep my fingers crossed. 

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