Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Food for thought

The Little India Riot has definitely caused much unrest and commotion in our everyday lives - whether we are directly affected or not. Experience a riot in Singapore in today's time is one thing, but looking all the imbecile comments made by members of the public who are largely not even the least concerned about the bigger picture? That's really a world of its own.

Imagine this: a mob of 20 people sets your house on fire and you're alone at home. What would you do? Run for your dear life? Confront the crazy arsonists and lose your life? Let's be practical. I'd definitely run and the reason is simple: 1:20? That's a losing battle right from the start. Why dig your own graves?

Similarly, I do not see any wrong in the paramedics running away when the ambulance was set on fire. Get these facts straight: paramedics save lives, not put out fire. And what can they do if no run? Stare at the blaze? Get all self-righteous and start fighting the mob? That's just insane and plain stupid. Those who set the ambulance on fire - they're immoral, and I rest my case.

Then there are many other absurd allegations like this being a staged riot by the Government, police being inefficient in managing such situations, Singapore is not ready for war, etc. Whether there is any truth in these statements I shalt not comment, but who are you to judge? I'm really amazed by the creativity of these people, largely made up of Singaporeans (unfortunately), with their colourful allegations. Who would have thought of them?

Accidents are prevalent and they are called accidents for a reason. They may have been prevented, but can never be predicted. No one wants for any accident but when things don't go our way, we have to learn to take things in our stride. This is what we call the Growth Process and clearly, these rioters haven't really learnt. I pray that this expensive lesson enlightened us in one way or another. It certainly opened my  eyes to the bigger world out there, the heroes amongst us, the efficiency of our authorities. From the first notification of accident at 21:32hr to arresting and dispersing the crowd by 01:00hr and holding a press conference at 02:00hr? THAT is what I call efficiency.

On a separate note, sadly, there's little progress in my work because the whole Police force in Singapore has been activated due to the Riot and my work has been put in the backseat. No, not complaining, it's just... You get the drift.

And my closing statement? There's a certain sense of accomplishment when I fix my scuba gears, or just admiring my set-up.But fixing it with someone else, it's a whole new experience I never want to forget.


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