Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Back from Anambas! I'm grateful to be back alive.

My first trip to Anambas was truly a humbling one, and I'm grateful to be back alive.

Many dolphin sightings along the way to Anambas. Jumped out of bed and geared up within 5 minutes hoping to dive with dolphins, but missing a little luck. Took the dinghy out for rounding but the dolphins don't seem to be in the mood for play. Thankful for the endless blue waters with unlimited visibility - my playground.

Stormy night kept the boat and dive crew up all night. Winds were strong, waves were high and rain was relentless. Boat was rocking and customers puking. Got a little scare when we thought customers went missing. Thank god all was good. Everyone stayed together, prepared for the worst to happen. Thought of our escape plan, said a little prayer. Succumbed to motion sickness finally and I gave way.

Woke up in the morning with customers staring down at the crew. We all looked and felt like shit. Thankful we made it through the storm. Dive resumed with not too good visibility anymore, but we made it back home safely.

It was a truly humbling experience - we are so small in the face of nature. We may have the best crew put together, it may be our first trip, first year, or nth trip out, but there's just so much to learn and so many ways to improve on. Thankful for the boat crew who put up a strong fight, keeping vigil while we gave in to fatigue. Captain John mentioned this was his toughest trip throughout his years of sailing.

We survived to tell the tale.

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  1. Sounds nasty, Joyce. We just came back home from a 6-day Anambas trip. Yes, it's monsoon, but we got 6 days of flat seas and the clearest skies.

    We also saw a pod of dolphins around the boat. They were everywhere, some porpoising playfully, others were chasing tail-walking todak. And then other dolphins joined the fray from behind our bow. The spectacle lasted about 30 minutes - awesome. Now I regret not going in and being part of the melee. Next trip :)

    Do you remember where you spotted the dolphins?