Friday, June 5, 2015

So much has happened over the course of the past 2 weeks, which really makes me wonder what is it that matters the most in life. To be happy? To strive for the best? To do what you want even if it means living in the moment?

I'm somewhat a perfectionist and slightly overly OCD (is that even possible?). I'll always strive to prove to be capable of more and scale greater heights. Inefficiency and procrastination put me off (although I'm guilty of doing so at times). And it scares me that one thing that I believed in so strongly is actually not as perfect as I imagined it to be.

This too shall pass.

Life is too unpredictable and I just want to keep striving for perfection, whether that makes me happy or not, because life is too short to be happy but achieving nothing at the end of the day. Found a quote that really struck me, and it's going to be in my prayers for a really long time:-

"let me not die when I'm still alive"

May scary days be forgotten and let us be alive again. May laziness be dead and let the strong charge forward again. May we be happy again.

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