Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mega throwback

Mega throwback post!

So many random thoughts going through my head now and I started looking at super back-dated photos on Facebook and found these gems. I'm sure I have more epic ones somewhere in my disks haha! Looking at these photos really makes me miss the younger days.


These photos bring back so many bitter-sweet memories. No idea what was in my mind when we went through the training camps (navy SEALS style no less), ropes training, cheering sessions, and all that screaming and getting screamed at. Looking back, I must have looked damn stupid and kuku. But those were also the best days of my secondary school life! Learnt so much which I'll otherwise never have been exposed to. Heck, I may not even enjoy the outdoors. Many in school would think that the HPT people are all very AYG (which I definitely don't deny haha), but I think HPT also helped sooooo many of us from turning into xiao lianzx and xiao bengzx. Thinking about how much we cried and fought when two of our own got suspended. So much memories I can't even... One thing I wish I had done was to spend more time on HPT activities. I had so many tuition lessons back then sigh.


Never thought I'll join cheer-leading... but I did. It was so much fun! Remember those nights practicing our moves in the middle of the (dark) parade square and being the awkward ones out for not being able to remember the moves. :')


Rachel and I weren't close to anyone in class (until today we still don't know why haha. Maybe we both have chaobin that's why LOL), so we only had each other. But I'm still very thankful for Rachel - although we hardly ever meet, we are still pretty updated with each other's lives and there's never an awkward moment between us. Here are some of the few photos I have with the rest of the class.

This is where I spent the better part of my JC life. With the crazy ODACians doing crazier things. From having zero stamina to running on the track everyday, from getting DQ-ed from our first ever adventure race to getting champion in almost all the races (this is truly one of our greatest personal achievements, beating our strongest competitor haha), from conquering mountains to sailing seas. They were the ones who held me together and gave me the push when I almost got retained in year 1, and saw me (crying) through my year 2. We did so much crazy things like building a house in the middle of the parade square and flying a kite at the back of our kayaks. We even tried to kill a fish (but failed terribly so we had to throw the fish away) to prove that we were real outdoor people haha. On hindsight, it's soooo cruel! :( I wished I had more time (and strength) with these people. I was really at my peak physically when I was in ODAC (surprisingly, not during my gym days, although I can't quite decide which training is tougher).

This photo deserves a special mention because... THAT'S MY FAVOURITEST SHOE EVERRRR. No idea where it is now but it has went through so much with me. No other shoes will ever be the same. Hu~ hu~ hu~ :'(


Family will always be family. Look at how young we looked! 


I think I have many friends in secondary school but this was the closest bunch. Had so much laughter and tears with them! Unfortunately, so much have changed over the years but I'm glad I still have the two closest to heart. Won't trade them for anything else in the world. :')

To many good years ahead,

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