Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Please read this long wordy post. To the end.

I'm sure everybody has a "friend", whom you see everyday, but never spoke to each other, never smiled, never acknowledged each other's presence. Don't we?

There's this girl in my school. Let's call her D for easy reference. I didn't like her, and I'm sure she doesn't like my group of friends too. We think she's weird, and... weird. She had a stuck up face. Not sure whether she's really stuck up or she's just born with that face. But yeah, we kinda hated her.

Yesterday, one of my lecturers texted me, and told me that D is is ICU, and in very critical condition. Upon learning more, I learnt that she had a brain infection and caused her brain to swell. She's in coma now, and if she regains consciousness, she may be in vegetative state.

No one deserves to end up in such a state. Maybe if I still see her around in school today, we still wouldn't talk, smile at each other or even acknowledge each other's presence. I'll still think that she has a stuck up face. We'll still hate each other. But still, no one deserves to be in such a state.

So the only thing we can do now is to pray in whatever faith we believe in, and hope that she'll turn out fine. She's only 21, still a long way to go in life. Hope she'll have the willpower to rise over this crucial period, pray that her family will have the strength to see through this obstacle.

I have 1.505 "friends" on my Facebook, 211 followers on twitter, and about 60 unique hits in my blog per day. Some of you are my friends, my ex-campers, friends of friends, mere acquaintances or even complete strangers. Whoever we are, and wherever we may be, let's hope for the best.

Treasure the people around you, cause life's unfair and unpredictable.

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