Thursday, December 1, 2011


Hi all, I'm so exhausted lately cause exams are coming up. But I'm not complaining cause studying is my full-time job. Although it's only half-mocks but I still wanna study hard and score well :) don't understand why some people always say so tired from doing this and so busy from doing that when it's what they're supposed to do. Gays.

Anyhow the top scorer graduate from my school last year is earning a pay of $4.2k right now. That's even before getting called to the Bar. How awesome is that. I wanna be a top scorer too! Hahaha.

Why are humans so insecure? Why do they want to make their presence known? Like... "I wanna let everyone know who's the boss here. " I think it's stupid. C'mon, insecurities are such a turn off. What you really need is a baby-sitter. Pfffffttt.

Remember I blogged about a girl from my school who's in Coma and I asked for everyone who sees that post to pray for her? I got the news last night that she gave up struggling. Her family is devastated, but I hope she's feeling better now. Free from pain and in a better world. It still feels weird to know someone you know, albeit not close at all, leaving the world. Hope her family would have the strength to pull through this tough period.

Okay won't be blogging for long. In fact I'm typing this out on my phone. Hopefully I can blog about my cruise trip before I head for diving. I think I'm too free-spirited for my own good. Like I don't like being tied down by commitments/ people/ circumstances. I like to do what i like. I can't really be bothered whether anyone disagrees with what I'm doing actually haha. Wonder if I'll be missed. Of course it's nice to be missed, but even if I'm not I don't really care? Oops.

Okay end off with a photo from cruise. Going on my week-long hiatus. Or maybe longer. Xoxo.


  1. i don't know her name. i only know it's a chinese girl!