Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Woah cannot take it too pissed already. Been bugging SingNet to see a technician down to fix my home but they just simply refused. Until they made me do some cool reset thingamy that didn't help at all and none of their instructions worked that they finally relented. Hope the Internet is finally up and running by tomorrow because I feel so handicapped :(

Then there's my vaccination which I changed my appointment thrice already! Went down to the polyclinic just now and they didn't allow me to take the jab because I was 15min late and they were rushing to go home >:( ANGRYYYYY!!!

Anyway, I NEED TO BUILD UP MY MANADO FUND! Okay, actually bulk of it (495USD) is already free. So I just need to save up for my airfare and permits and expenses. Which is..... Sighhhhh. Okay MUST. SAVE. BY. JUNE. And Alex gets a 50% off (298USD)!!! Looking at going after exams, before the start of my internship! And before Alex flies off to U.S. for 2 years (again). Mehhhhh need a new diving khaki for 2years! Any takers? So glad that Alex and I can click quite well, even though we met each other for like only 3/4 times and not talking for a whole year and suddenly decided to go
Sipadan and only did all the bookings one month in advance. Very determined to be more prepared this time round! MANADOOO!!!

Pretty excited that more of my friends are taking up diving ^^ Sad that I wont be able to join weesiong and felly for their course :( Hopefully I get to tag along when Norman and Eileen goes for theirs in August!

Okay enough ranting, life moves on. Have a happy Tuesday, cupcakes!

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