Friday, July 27, 2012


- I've been trying to make sense of every waking moment of my life right now, struggling to stay sane. It doesn't seem to be working but I'm really trying hard.
- Jasper fell and has a bruised and bleeding nose.
- Dad's driver suddenly collapsed while driving and the vehicle knocked into two other vehicles before coming to a stop.

Life's so vulnerable. Very.


One week on, it's still stings. Just wanna take this chance to give thanks to the angels in my life. Thank you to all who knew that I was feeling down, although most don’t even know the reason behind, and gave me all the help and support I can ever ask for. Losing someone is tough, and in fact I’m not okay at all. It’s painful to be missing someone yet there’s nothing you can do about it, but time will get me through this. Thanks jie for not letting me have a moment alone at all, always keeping me occupied and diverting my attention, although sometimes I disappoint myself (and prolly you) for breaking down uncontrollably. Nights are hardest to bear, because that’s when thoughts run wild and tears come out to play. But I guess this is what happens when you lose someone so dear, and it’s real. Sometimes I feel so exhausted to keep up with this that I just wanna curl up in bed, but people around me kept me going. I just need a stronger mind, and a stronger heart. Thank you for putting me through this, because I realize how happy you made me. And while wishing you’re much happier and complete now, I’ll figure a way to cope with my loss.

Not in the mood to blog anyway. Tomorrow's the last day of my internship it's quite sad actually.

Stay alive,

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