Thursday, January 31, 2013

Storms make trees take deeper roots.

“Bad stuff happens. Sometimes it makes no sense at all. Sometimes its unfair. Sometimes, it just plain sucks. Bad stuff happens sometimes. Always remember that, but remember that you have to move on somehow. You just pick your head up and stare at something beautiful like the sky, or the ocean, and you move the hell on.”

-James Patterson

finally back after what seemed like a long hiatus. the whole house-moving fiasco is finally approaching an end, something which i’m very thankful for. too much labour work and too little sleep! still trying to get used to this new place, especially travelling. other than that, i think things are going on pretty well!

and i need to ranttttt so bad because i’m surrounded by people who piss me off so bad i start to wonder if maturity doesn’t come with age, what does? can’t believe that such childish people exist seriouslyyyy. omg really losing faith in humanity what is the world coming to. perhaps some people just never learn, like NEVER. because they are too busy victimising themselves and labelling themselves “unfixable” to realise that all they are doing is magnifying their childishness.
so done with childish people, bye.

and till i find something more interesting to do in life,

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