Saturday, February 16, 2013

14 Signs You’re Not As Young As You Used To Be.

It’s Saturday and I’m attempting to do my thesis but i find it extremely challenging to keep my eyes open, no thanks to my favourite CSI yesternight. Well, it’s Saturday, I keep telling myself. I should give myself a break, or maybe I could afford a break.

Thought Catalog is like my new found love, although most of the posts aren’t exactly relevant.
And it’s really depressing to realise how some posts apply to us at different stages of our lives, like “Things we start to hate” or “Problems of growing up”.
Stuff along those lines, you get the drift.

And here’s one about Signs of Aging + how they apply to me.
Unfortunately, they do.

1) When the only people sending you mail now are bill collectors.
I’m violently objecting to entering adulthood. The real world.

2) You just don’t understand today’s music.
Can’t say all of today’s music is bad, but there’re really too much trashy ones.

3) Foods you used to love now make you sick to your stomach.
I’ll be depressed the day I get there.

4) You can’t stay up past 11pm.
I’m glad I can still pull an all-nighter and not feel possessed… yet.

5) The people you’re attracted to keep getting younger and younger.

6) If you think it’s mind boggling that people born after 1998 are TEENAGERS now.
I find it more mind boggling when I see my juniors from school/ ex-campers and they excitedly call out to me and I take 2 awkward minutes to recall who they are. And they help jolt my memory by saying “I’m younger than you”.
And I recently bumped into a teacher from my primary school and we calculated, it’s been 10 years since I graduated. ONE. WHOLE. DECADE.

7) You can’t go out anymore without taking a disco nap.
I hardly even want to go out now. What’s happening to me? (besides growing older)

8) You can’t stay out late anymore.
I prefer to isolate myself. Bringing anti-social to a new level.

9) When those grey hairs start showing up.
I really don’t look forward to this.

10) It’s hard for you to sleep until 1 in the afternoon like you used to.
I still can *thank god*.

11) Clothes just don’t fit anymore.
Not there… yet.

12) When you suddenly realize that you can no longer shop at Rainbow/Delia’s/Wet Seal.
I hope to continue shopping at the kids department and buy Hello Kitty shirts that make my friends wanna unfriend me.

13) You’re always talking about the way things were.
Yes. Things didn’t need so much consideration then.

14) You have no clue who the teen stars are anymore.
The only star I know is the Sun.

Happy weekend, kitties.
Take a break!

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