Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We accept the love we deserve.

3am, wide awake in front of the laptop.
In 5hours’ time I’ll be leaving in a plane, talk about spontaneity.
No, I’m not losing sleep from excitement. I was suddenly jolted awake at the thought of liquid prohibition in the aircraft. What a worrywart –.-
Then I went on to watch jie’s wedding videos, from bridal shower to actually wedding.
Totally cried myself silly.
And her thank you note.
I can’t stop crying and crying and crying.
I don’t know why it’s still so overwhelming.
I’ll prolly not get married next time. I can totally foresee myself crying and crying and crying.
That’ll be hilarious.

Oh, back to the whole taking a plane in 5hours’ time.
Feels like I’ve been counting down my whole life just for it.
Can’t believe this trip is really coming through.
Surreal. Exciting.
But now, I’m feeling kinda light-headed.

Should I sleep again and take the risk of oversleeping?
That’s The Question.

And till I’m back,


  1. hi joyce, Can I know where do you buy the letter blocks that says family from?

    1. Hi I think they're from Typo. they were provided by the studio :)