Friday, July 26, 2013

Mt Kerinci (Part I)

close to 2am and here i am because i can’t sleep. my body’s so screwed –.- but i’m being kept very occupied with all the Morocco photos and Kerinci photos coming in. that’s a whooping 5,000 photos and counting! can’t wait to share all the photos here goshhhh. they’re all so amaze-balls!
post-morocco (17072013 – 21072013) saw me up Gunung Kerinci. here’s a litle background: Gunung (Mount) Kerinci is the highest volcano in indonesia, located about 130km south of Padang, with an elevation of 3,805m. it is more active than most indonesian volcanoes, with nearly annual phreatic eruptions. on 2nd june 2013, mount kerinci erupted, spewing smoke as high as 600m. (source)
it was such a bitter-sweet feeling going to kerinci, freezing my ass off during the climb and struggling to breathe during the summit climb (instead of spending the time in some snowy mountains doing cool-shit ski stuns and swimming in heated pools). i almost didn’t know what to feel. but this was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime (again) experience :D

*most photos lost. not sure what happened.*

photo (683)
weiliang’s idea of climbing a mountain.
are… we… there… yetttttt :(
photo (721)
we appear to be level with the clouds, making all that torture and hardship pay off!
photo (784)
the guys’ MV shots.
photo (800)
our cozy tents for the night.
anyway it was really freezing no joke. i was clad in long john + 2 fleece + wind breaker in thick cushy sleeping bag and i still had frozen grapes for toes –.-
roomies for the night!
more ootd.

photo (797)
we do what we do best: we make do.
photo (772)
shall end off this post with a photo of myself standing on top of the world! (well… sort of)
tweaked the colours a bit and it turned out so pretty (at least to me) i must be a genius!
“Many eyes go through the meadow, but few see the flowers in it. So when you’re sad, go out of those doors. It’s always better underneath the open sky, for going to the woods is going home.”
so that’s all for now. will be back with more awesome travel pictures soon!

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