Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cherish always

Celebrate Hanna's birthday last weekend, sadly the weather wasn't too forgiving. But at least we all had fun (I think)!

My very colourful family!

On a side note, the 2 babies are growing wayyyyy too quickly! They are both warriors each on their own. I think it's something we don't always talk about at home, after all who wants to keep being reminded of that stress the family went through when meow was constantly in and out of hospital, or when we were worrying our butts off about lun? They are both fighting their own battles, we are all in it together. It's nice to see how people around are so warm and helpful towards us, how people genuinely care and not just being nosey parkers, or worse still, just saying things as if it's very easy on our family.  

Twinning with fats, we just had to document this!

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