Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Went for a full detox trip - finally did my solo trip after all these years. Wonder why I did not do it sooner.

Back to this place I'm so familiar with, but always a new experience to be back. Truly the best place to do nothing for a long time.

Diving was good as always. Managed to camp for the Molas even though the waters were much warmer than previous years. What a lucky find! Sad that we did not managed to catch the Mantas due to the waves. Guess that will have to wait till the next trip. Highlight of the dives has got to the the nasi campur - no change for the past three years and still tastes as good!

Lots of time spent doing nothing when not diving - two sessions of yoga, visiting random cafes I never got to go previously, eating clean, playing with dogs, 4 storybooks, chilling on beaches, doing a lot of sleeping, and taking touristy photos.

Need to do this again, soon.


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