Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well seems like everyone has a "looking back at 2011..." post, so I MUST NO LOSE OUT. I'd say 2011 has been pretty good to me, although I had my fair share of ups and downs.

Took my first UOL exams and passed, lost some friends and forged better friendships, got to see some faces more clearly and realised some friendships are just not worth it, visited Perth during cold winter and felt the love of family even though I'm so faraway from home, genuinely loved the two princesses but happiness is just so short-lived, went diving in one of the world's top dive spots, proud owner of *, and the list goes on. In short, there's just so much to be thankful for.

No doubt everyone would think, maybe subconsciously, that "this year I'll do better than the last". I don't think there's anything I wanna undo about 2011, cause every experience is a milestone in my life. I wouldn't be who I am today without all this trials and tribulations. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, don't they? This i can't agree more.

I would say the last few moments of 2011 was probably the worst moments of the year, but hey, I survived them. Thank God for awesome people like my family, especially Jade, and friends, who may not know anything about what I'm going through but kept me company through the last of 2011. If there's one thing I'd really wanna undo, that would be one wrong decision that put me (and others) through hell for the past xx months. But hey, again, I survived them.

May 2012 be full of awesomeness. Study hard, play hard, dive hard. There's just so much to look forward to.

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  1. Sorry baby, I really didnt mean to make u go thru so much pain with me. I really didnt know u were so unhappy when we were together. I love you so much I really didnt mean to put you thru months of hell. Everything I did, i did it for you. I place you right in front of everything. I'm so sorry that this has to end like this. Be strong k! no matter what happen I will watch over you up there. dont blame yourself, it's not your fault. It's me, I made you leave and I choose the easy way out. Sorry for leaving you behind, sorry for being so selfish. Love you forever baby.